Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Tale of Two Quilts

After our visit to England last year there were two people we wanted to send quilted hugs to.

The first person is Ruth, who let us have the run of her bungalow in the charming village of Eccleshall not once but twice! Ruth has her bungalow decorated in the most delightful way it was hard to decide what to send. In the end we decided soft and pastel was the best thing to go with.

Ruths quilt


Some of the Bear’s Paw blocks came from a Round Robin I participated in and Peggy made a few extras to make a four x four setting. A nice soft all over clam shell seemed the perfect solution for this quilt.

Close up quilting ruths quilt

I love the soft smudged look of this colour palette. Because we know that Ruth loves the Christmas season we popped a cheeky Christmas fabric on the back.Look a chocolate wrapped for Christmas.

Hershey and Ruths quilt

The other person who needed a quilt was Josie the youngest member of our English family.We stayed strong and resisted temptation to buy fabric while we were in England. One exception was a panel we bought in a tiny Patchwork shop in Eccleshall, called The Corner Patch.Such a tiny shop I am surprised to see they have a shop on line facility. When we got home we realised that the panel we bought was the perfect centre for a quilt for Josie.

Josies quilt number one

The printed hexagons at the top and the bottom of panel inspired Peggy to make more pieced hexagons for a border.



Peggy put this together so cleverly. The hexagons seem to float around the centre. Not content with that wizardry, look at this back art!


As always the panel was fun to quilt.

Josie quilt centre

Sweet Dreams Ruth and Josie, we hope you have many happy snuggles with your quilts.



  1. there are going to be 2 very happy people when the postman knocks on their door, both quilts are lovely and the panel is so cute

  2. Such lovely, personal gifts - they will be so thrilled with your kindness and creativity!

  3. Your quilting is beautiful, and I'm sure the lucky recipients will love these thoughtful and personal gifts.

  4. Love the pretty pastel palette of the bear paw quilt, your quilting is lovely! And the backing of Josie's quilt is a very creative finish!

  5. Really lovely quilts Linda and Peggy. They look like both will be perfect for your English friends.


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