Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Giddy up

Jo made this quilt featuring horses for her nine year old grand daughter who lives in Germany. Apparently she is horse crazy, all she wanted on her quilt was horses. So horses she got:
Giddy up one Horse quilt
I stitched around each group of horses and squiggled some ripples in between.
Giddy up three
Jo added horse shoes at each corner. I popped a special bit of stitching in each one. She also asked for some hearts n the stitching so I popped some in at random.
Giddy up two
I hope this makes one little girl in Germany very happy.
Thank you asking me to quilt for you Jo.


  1. what a beauty, little girls love horses and this will be loved too I am sure

  2. Gorgeous, and so many horses the wee girl must surely be thrilled with this.

  3. Love the way you quilted this one, Linda. Really shows off the horses and you have cleverly included all of Granny's ideas.

  4. The ripples between the horses looks like water. You and Jo created a fun quilt.

  5. Super quilting here, really sets off the horses.

  6. Nice quilting Linda. Certainly turns a plain style quilt into something very special.


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