Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Sweet Peas Reunion

Last week we meet up with our Sweet Pea friends for the first time since we've been back.

Margaret has completed her Moda Modern Building Blocks. This was the project that was to take us a year or perhaps two to complete. She finished hers in about three months! Rather than solids she went for bright on bright Kaffe fabric. It's such a big quilt it was difficult to photograph but I think you'll get the vibe. It looks like bright stained glass. 

Margaret was delighted to receive one of Maxie's hug rugs. Maxie is so good at selecting just the right colours. 

We were joined by a troop of foxes. They had their own little chat group going:
These colouful creatures belong to Debbie and Margaret.
By the way did you know the group names for foxes are Leash, Skulk, Earth, Lead and Troop? 

And what would a Sweet Pea meeting be without a bit of cat love? Hershey smooching around Rochelle. 

Thanks for popping by



  1. Bright and so beautiful, super design and fabric choice, foxes, maybe a "troop" would suit them the best, after all they are certainly not skulking, in all their glory, lots of clever fingers there. Lovely to see you home again with the adorable Hershey for company.

  2. Beautiful items, as usual, from the Sweet Peas. I bet they missed you while you were on holiday.

  3. the Kaffe fabrics work so well in the moda quilt. Loving the foxes too

  4. your charm bracelet blog is not available thought I would let you know

  5. Love that colourerful quilt and the foxes are gorgeous!

  6. That Moda Building Block quilt is stunning, very stained glass window looking. I have that fox pattern too, maybe it will be a fun project to end the holidays.

  7. It's great seeing another Kiwi Moda Modern quilt! I also love those foxes.

  8. Lovely version of the Building Blocks quilt... so nice to see one all in Kaffe! Will you be quilting ti for her?

  9. Lovely Moda quilt, certainly glows. Bet you are all glad to be meeting again and love the foxes.

  10. Lovely to see you back in the blogging world again! What a beautiful quilt - looks pretty large.
    I adore those little foxes, is it a commercially available pattern? I know two little grandsons who would one of these critters - I also know of a Grandma!!!

  11. Omg so much to love in this post
    I have orange shoe envy and that top quilt wow the colours and omg I do love foxes so much


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