Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Sundries

Sweet Peas…..

Clever as always, Rochelle made this lamp shade with repurposed ties.


Debbie designed and made “Jungle Kittens”:

Debbies jungle cats

New plants, so tempting at this time of the year. I remember when Arctotis was considered a very ordinary plant. That certainly is not the case now. I couldn’t leave this charmer at the nursery.


I love to get right up close and look at the centre.

Arctotis centre

Stitching on a project I cant share just now, so here’s a peep at the view from my machine:


It hardly seems like work when you enjoy what you do and can look up to see such beauty.

Thanks for popping by




  1. very impressed with the lampshade what a good ways to use old ties. Loving the jungle kittens it is such fun and the garden photos are great too, what a lovely view but very distracting from your stitching.

  2. Lovely shade, kittens, and the garden view is delightful.

  3. Very creative sweet peas. Your garden is looking beautiful - my calla lilies have started to sprout, so fingers crossed one of them is the one you sent me.

  4. Hello Linda,

    I just love the tie lampshade, must tell one of my sewing friends about that, she has made quite a few bags with ties from op shops. Love the garden at your home.

    Happy days.

  5. That lampshade --- who would've thought
    Nice view
    And thank you for your email .. .. .. I will reply SOON xxx


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