Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Sundries

House sitters and house sitting
Whilst in England we were lucky have our house and cats looked after by House sitters. We arrived home to a super tidy house, garden and two very happy cats. Our sitters, Raewyn and Bill made this poster to welcome us back.
We in turn did some house sitting while we were in England. It was good way to extend our time and experience “real life”.
Quilt marking assistant
So there I was marking a quilt and look who appeared…
He batted my pen, sat in the way of the ruler, purred, rolled on his back and eventually curled up and went to sleep.
What a treasure.
Signs of Spring
It seen strange somehow to see signs of spring after we’ve just enjoyed Summer in England.
spring 2015
The Tuis are going crazy over the Kowhai flowers.
Tuis spring 2015
The far pavilions, the mountains look like they are floating today
On the frame
Zig Zag feathers going onto soft shabby chic Bears Paws.
Hope your weekend has been a nice relaxing one.


  1. A wonderful welcome home, and what a beautiful resting place.

  2. loving the poster and such a beautiful cat, lucky you having 2 summers in a row, we are meant to be in for a severe winter this time

  3. Your mountains are beautiful and they do look like they are floating.

    I'm sure your quilt assistant missed you and now wants to keep track of your every move.

  4. We do like happy housesitters .. .. ..

  5. Hi Linda,
    welcome home and Happy Spring. I love your quilting; an inspiration for me, old but learning me.
    I read through your recent posts and thanks for sharing photos of your English jaunt. Interesting. Take care now.


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