Friday, October 30, 2015

Mystic Moggies


Back in January this year I wrote about Maureen Mystic Quilter sending me some left over kitty blocks from a scrap challenge she was in. Hard to believe it is so long since I put them together. Now they are completed with matchstick quilting.

Mystic moggies two

I know I said I would never do this kind of quilting again but it seems so right for these Kit Kats. I feel like they are behind a mystic mist.



Thank you Margaret for letting me give your kit kats a forever home.



  1. these blocks have turned into a lovely wall hanging, liking the it works so well with your cats

  2. What a super quilt. I agree, the matchstick quilting works really well. The moggies have superior air, as cats tend to have!


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