Friday, October 30, 2015

Mystic Moggies


Back in January this year I wrote about Maureen Mystic Quilter sending me some left over kitty blocks from a scrap challenge she was in. Hard to believe it is so long since I put them together. Now they are completed with matchstick quilting.

Mystic moggies two

I know I said I would never do this kind of quilting again but it seems so right for these Kit Kats. I feel like they are behind a mystic mist.



Thank you Margaret for letting me give your kit kats a forever home.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wonderful Willing Workers…

Once again we have been lucky to have a difficult gardening challenge sorted by WWOOFers (Willing Workers on Organic Farms).

This was the area that needed sorting. We needed it cleared, weed matted and planted.


First came Wylder who tackled our nasty bank with great enthusiasm.


Matting and planting started:


Then Wylder was joined by Mason and things stepped up a pace.


Job completed and yes that frame work is coming down.


Last but not least a “family” photo. Thanks Mason.

Family snapshot

Wylder and Mason were great company. They worked really hard.

Thanks guys, job well done.Now you are World famous, Super Stars on my blog Winking smile


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Sundries

Sweet Peas…..

Clever as always, Rochelle made this lamp shade with repurposed ties.


Debbie designed and made “Jungle Kittens”:

Debbies jungle cats

New plants, so tempting at this time of the year. I remember when Arctotis was considered a very ordinary plant. That certainly is not the case now. I couldn’t leave this charmer at the nursery.


I love to get right up close and look at the centre.

Arctotis centre

Stitching on a project I cant share just now, so here’s a peep at the view from my machine:


It hardly seems like work when you enjoy what you do and can look up to see such beauty.

Thanks for popping by



Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Sundries

House sitters and house sitting
Whilst in England we were lucky have our house and cats looked after by House sitters. We arrived home to a super tidy house, garden and two very happy cats. Our sitters, Raewyn and Bill made this poster to welcome us back.
We in turn did some house sitting while we were in England. It was good way to extend our time and experience “real life”.
Quilt marking assistant
So there I was marking a quilt and look who appeared…
He batted my pen, sat in the way of the ruler, purred, rolled on his back and eventually curled up and went to sleep.
What a treasure.
Signs of Spring
It seen strange somehow to see signs of spring after we’ve just enjoyed Summer in England.
spring 2015
The Tuis are going crazy over the Kowhai flowers.
Tuis spring 2015
The far pavilions, the mountains look like they are floating today
On the frame
Zig Zag feathers going onto soft shabby chic Bears Paws.
Hope your weekend has been a nice relaxing one.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Friends reunion...

Bertha ( my Innova) and I got back together again today. I'm pleased to report we had a nice playtime together.  After a seperation of three and a half months it was comforting to find the magic hasn't disappeared. 

Thanks for popping by


Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Sweet Peas Reunion

Last week we meet up with our Sweet Pea friends for the first time since we've been back.

Margaret has completed her Moda Modern Building Blocks. This was the project that was to take us a year or perhaps two to complete. She finished hers in about three months! Rather than solids she went for bright on bright Kaffe fabric. It's such a big quilt it was difficult to photograph but I think you'll get the vibe. It looks like bright stained glass. 

Margaret was delighted to receive one of Maxie's hug rugs. Maxie is so good at selecting just the right colours. 

We were joined by a troop of foxes. They had their own little chat group going:
These colouful creatures belong to Debbie and Margaret.
By the way did you know the group names for foxes are Leash, Skulk, Earth, Lead and Troop? 

And what would a Sweet Pea meeting be without a bit of cat love? Hershey smooching around Rochelle. 

Thanks for popping by


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