Sunday, September 06, 2015

Visiting Bath

Another location on the to do list.

As we drove into Bath there was a huge cloud burst. The heavens opened. By the time we found a car park and walked five minutes into town we were surprised to look down on this park and see people sitting out on deck chairs. The ground all around was wet so it must have been raining there. We wondered did they run for cover and pop back when it stopped raining or did they show some British Stff Upper Lip and sit stoically through the rain?
No trip to bath would be complete without a trip to the Roman Baths. As per usual everything was very well presented. The displays and information super. Well worth a visit.

After the Baths we popped into the Abbey. My quilter's eye found some candy there.

Bath is a pretty city, another place I'm glad I have seen. 



  1. The architecture is beautiful.

    Sitting through a drizzling rain I can see, but a cloud burst, no thank you. I'd be running for cover.

  2. i have read lots of regency romances set in this city , i call them treadmill books because that's where i read them all, thanks for showing me what it looks like

  3. you are certainly seeing some lovely towns and cites as well as countryside, I wonder did you go the the American Museum that has lots of quilts?

  4. I loved Bath when I went over 20 years ago - so much history blended into one place, such a pretty city too.


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