Sunday, September 06, 2015

Venturing into Cornwall

Plymouth was a super base to explore Cornwall from. We took a trip inland to Liskeard a thriving market town and then dropped south to the coast to lunch at Looe. Looe is a quaint fishing town.Lots of old crooked buildings and tiny lanes. 

Lots of people too! It was the last day of the Summer holidays in Cornwall and the town was jam packed!
We went in search of the famous Cornish Pastie. Look we caught one.

Yummy it was too. 


  1. The Pastie looks yummy and the narrow lanes are beckoning to be explored.

  2. It's been a delight seeing your last couple of posts - my holidays as a youngster were always spent touring Devon and Cornwall - you've brought back many happy memories for me!!!

  3. Cornwall us a lovely part of the UK beautiful beaches and quaint little towns wonder did you go to the Eden project that is meant to be amazing not sure whether it is Devon or Cornwall

  4. I am so enjoying your posts of your travels. Just as much as I enjoy seeing the pictures of your quilting. Yours is one of my favorite blogs to follow.

  5. I am sooo glad I got to most all these places in the 70's. So much prettier then and not commercial. I am glad you enjoyed your trip - but would be a disappointment for me to see it all this way now. So much fun it was going up and down the lanes through small villages in an Austin mini!


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