Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The season is changing....

We are back up North now in Eccelshall, Staffordshire. When we arrived here early in August this house across the road had lots of bright flowers out front. 

Now there is a feeling of Autumn in the air, leaves are changing colour. I guess the house owners saw the August Bank Holiday weekend (end of August) as the time to tidy up. 
No flowers now.
Sad, I think they could have been left a bit longer. 


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  1. Hi Linda,

    Yes, it suddenly became very dull without those lovely bits of colour. Gosh, time must be drawing closer to leaving time...what a wonderful journey we have all shared with your posts. Sitting here trying to figure out the quilting on a very plain quilt (one floral, one plain colour squares) and decided I needed to blog out!!!

    Enjoy your last weeks, but looking forward to catching up with you.



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