Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Feast your eyes on these pictures....

We feel very privileged to have spent time in the Staffordshire village Eccleshall. My sister-in-law Ruth moved out of her adorable bungalow so we could stay there. 

We fell in love with Eccleshall. The High Street had lots of tiny wee shops (and pubs) at one end and residential housing at the other. The townspeople take great pride in making the High Street look attractive with lots of hanging baskets and lots of bright bedding plants. I won't rattle on I'll let the pictures do the talking. 

You can read more about the village here:

We love this place and hope to return again to visit. 



  1. Lovely! How sweet that Ruth loaned you her bungalow so you could enjoy this area like a local.

  2. A curved footpath, all paved, and pots of flowers, lovely brickwork, and tall homes, what a beautiful place, and your cottage, sleep well, I can imagine a high bed with a feather and down duvet!!!

  3. what a pretty little town the kind of place I would love to live beats city life I can dream!

  4. I'm leaving Saturday for a trip around England. I've really enjoyed following your travels!


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