Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Charmed I'm sure

As promised the only souvenirs I brought home from my travels were Pandora charms. I didn't get off to a good start with this plan as I left my bracelet at home! I thought about having my bracelet sent onto me, then I thought I'd buy a neck chain and pop charms on there until I got home, but a visit to a Pandora shop saw me buying a new bangle. I'm very glad I did that as my charms fit nicely on it. I now think it's nice to have my travel charms together. 

So let me share my new charms. 

First up an apple for Washington State, the Apple state.
A maple leaf for Canada
Gifted to me by family for a certain Birthday when I was in Venice...

A postcard from Paris
A Gondola
A Double Decker bus from London

Then added by me ......
A Crown to remind me of Queenie
A martini glass - long story but let's just say if your nav man says Lullingstone Castle and has wee cocktail glass symbol beside it you may not necessarily be heading towards a castle!
A tiny cottage to remind me of all the darling sweet cottages I saw in England

Last but not least a family love charm from the English branch of my family. 

I'm so pleased I did this. Very easy to bring home and I have happy memories right at hand. 



  1. You are clever to do this - perfect souvenirs that are useful and attractive AND didn't take up any luggage space.

  2. What a wonderful idea to keep your happy memories close!

  3. you could not have a better way to remind you of all your travels whilst you were on this holiday

  4. I do the same . . . For myself and for little Miss P
    I do love pandora


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