Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A place I haven't mentioned is....

Hartington. When I was here 26 years ago a trip to Hartington was a regular outing. Besides the charming setting of the village there is a superb cheese shop. All those years ago the cheese was made right there, with Hartington Stilton being the big favourite. Sadly this is no longer so, the factory was bought out by a competitor and the cheeses come from elsewhere. Never mind they still have a lovely selection of cheeses. Enough to tempt us to take some home. 

One of Hartington's claims to fame is "a picturesque duck pond".
They look out for their ducks in Hartington 
We popped into the tiny Post Office Tea shop. 

Yes the Post office is still there, a small cupboard like area in the middle of the tea room.

It turns out they are a pretty royal loyal crowd in Hartington, flag and buntings on the Post Office and look:

The stone houses have a special look that I love. 

If you are ever in The Peak District go and visit.



  1. More temptations? Yikes, I'll have to extend my visit to half a year to see everything!

    Love the door under the postal window. It must be for passing packages through to be weighed and stamped.

  2. Lovely photos Linda. Looks like a fabulous place.


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