Monday, September 07, 2015

A place I have wanted to visit...

....for a very long time.

Yes, Stonhenge. As per usual the Brits have made an amazing job of looking after this site and "staging" the experience. The road approaching Stonehenge and the new visitors centre fit well into the landscape without detracting from the Stones themselves. 

When you pass through the centre you can elect to walk to the Stones or catch a bus. We choose the latter. The buses run about every 5 minutes. The roads are beige as are the buses so they blend in with the surroundings.
It is still possible to capture images the Stones without any sign of modern life. Sadly stone hugging is not allowed. I had imagined this place would have some "vibes" that one could feel but as with lots of places - too many people. 

The visitors centre is very sharp, with lots of information available. Including this mock up of how experts think the stones were moved. 
Another place well worth a visit, I just wish I could have had it all to myself. 


  1. i would love to see that and the stones on Easter Island

  2. It's on my "list" of things to see.

    I imagine this area is like Yellowstone National Park - something to see in the "off season" when there are fewer people.

  3. I am amazed at all you are cramming in to yours tay here, you are seeing more than I have seen in my 68 years!

  4. oh you girls are having a fab trip. A place I too would love to visit.


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