Friday, August 28, 2015

Tuesday's Travels

We left Wye with a plan. We would visit Cantebury, check out the Cathedral and then head down to walk the White Cliffs of Dover. 

Canterbury Cathderal is well worth a visit. It one if those buildings that looks good from every angle. The stone work is being restored and stained glass widows too. 
The old stone steps inside have been worn down over the years. 
More stained glass windows than you could imagine. All of them beautiful. They have a team of nine people working on window restoration all the time. 

Walking through the grounds I spotted this young tree with paper garlands being buffeted by the wind. 
Closer examination explained what the garlands were about.
Then a bigger gust of wind blew some of the garlands right off. 
I dashed over to have a closer look, the garlands were made of paper cranes. All carefully folded. I liberated one as a momento. 
After the cathedral visit we headed for Dover. Sadly the weather decided to turn wet. We have been lucky with the weather. We have only had three seriously rainy days since we have been in England. It seems the White Cliffs were not for our eyes. We drove up to the point where you can start walking along the Cliff tops hoping to catch a glimpse but it was not to be. 

More of our adventures soon...



  1. such a beautiful Cathedral, have not seen it myself so these photos are god to see. You have been lucky with so little rain, shame e have not had the hot weather for you though down south it has been better than here.

  2. We were just in awe of all those wonderful churches and cathedrals in UK. I'm sure that if you lived over there, you still would not get to see every one.
    We stayed in a B&B, just a couple of minutes walk to get to the city - what an amazing place Canturbury is! Full of history, of course, and as a bit of a history nut, it was interesting to see Thomas Becket's shrine.
    I'm certainly enjoying reading about your travels. When is the big UK quilt show coming up?


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