Friday, August 21, 2015

Prices in England

The question I get asked most often is how do prices in England compare with New Zealand.  It's hard to judge. Most of the time I just think in Pounds, I'd probably have a heart attack if I didn't. Some stand out differences are:

Petrol is about twice the price. To fill the car up here is about £55 at home I could fill my car (similar capacity) for NZ $60.

Fruit and vegetables are abundant and very nice. The tomatoes we get are soooo sweet. Flatto peaches just divine. Today we saw two cabbages for £1.50 - NZ $3.55. 

Coffee is about £2.40 - NZ £5.60. Gosh wish I hadn't checked that one! See what I mean about talking in pounds instead of dollars.

Today we bought these delightful patio roses four for £5 - a NZ$11.80. Now that's a bargain isn't it?

We are in our second house sit now. Our new fur person is Louie.
As you can see he's very stressed about having us here. 

Talk soon



  1. It seems like you have been having a wonderful time on your tour. Im so glad you are enjoying the UK.

  2. Louie, indeed, looks content with his new caretakers.

  3. pries vary from place to place I bought a cabbage for 49p the other day. Petrol is very expensive but believe it or not it has come down in price. Glad I no longer have a car to run, with a free bus pass cannot afford it either! Coffee too find it hard to justify the price but I suppose if we are willing to pay it they will charge it

  4. I've just spent a lovely time catching up with your blog (I am meant to be studying) looks like you both are having a wonderful trip. Loved reading your posts.

  5. It doesn't do to convert prices - just order that coffee or nice lunch and enjoy it! Otherwise you will only be miserable and not want to spend a penny.
    And talking of spending a penny - we had a real laugh a few years ago when we were outside a public loo in London and an English lady must have been having a day out from the countryside. She kept saying in a loud raised voice "50p to pee, that's discraceful!). But you know how it goes, when you gotta go, you gotta go!


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