Saturday, August 08, 2015

Leeds Castle

Before we left Englad we took a day trip to Leeds Csatle.

We enjoyed a walk through the castle, admiring the decor:

We especially enjoyed a birds of prey display. This owl was impressive.
Before making our way back to the train station Peggy and I took a stroll through the lush gardens.
So many Bumble Bees.

Brilliant grassed area

Look at the size of the leaves on this plant. Amazing. 

Next stop Paris...



  1. Beautiful, and the large. leaves, is that a " Gunnera" rather like a huge rhubarb .Hope you are so enjoying every day abroad.

  2. Sadly the plants weren't labelled. The gardens were so tranquil and peaceful.

  3. Could the plant be Elephant Ear? It sure looks like one.


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