Saturday, August 08, 2015

A petite look at Paris....

We took the train from London to Paris. Our accomodation was in Montmarte in a super apartment. The buildings in this area have a certain charm. I was especially taken with these wedge shaped buildings which wrap around corners. 

We had lunch in a restaurant housed in this 200 year old building, food and company superb. 

There are some quirky shops in this area. Everywhere I go I look for spectacle frames. I keep saying I wanted something snazzy, not boring but these were a little OTT for me
This interesting statue was near to our apartment, when I looked at my photo I wondered if this poor man had been trapped in time trying to catch passing ladies? 

A quick look at Venice, next post. 



  1. I just caught up with your last post and now in Paris? What a whirlwind time you are having and old buildings, statues, and so much more those English and European countries have to show us.

  2. Montmartre is an interesting place. We bought a lovely painting there and I got a watch too.
    I love all the potted plants - often geraniums . They brighten up the stone paths and buildings.
    I am enjoying your trip with you . Thanks for sharing and rekindling memories for me.

    1. Yes, it's a delightful place. Nice to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Nice that you are remembering pleasant times.

  3. I've been away myself, so it's fun catching your posts back to back. You're having a great adventure!


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