Monday, August 24, 2015

A little bit of gardening.......

My nephew Aaron and his family have recently moved into a 100 year old plus house in Epsom, London. The garden was left in a total mess by the previous owners. Before we arrived he had lots of excess growth removed. He asked me if I would help to spruce it up and get some gardening going. 
When we arrived it looked like this:
In a moment of madness I said I could paint the fence. Me, who hasn't painted anything for about twelve years. The green cuttings are from a huge fig tree. A funny tree to grow in a small suburban garden. Needless to say it got a good pruning. So painting started:
A bit of a mission to cover all the colours and different surfaces. In spite of all that it looked pretty good when finished 

No, I didn't paint the shed! That would have been a few days work. As well as painting I helped remove about 6 inches of pebbles from the garden bed. Then Aaron forked it all over and we added a thick layer of compost. 
Saturday we got to the exciting bit - planting out. We purchased plants at the local market. Over a hundred plants. Hydrangeas, Japanese anemones, Lavenders, Verbenas, Zinnias, Gazanias, Marigolds,and finally Lobellia to cascade down the brick border. 

A real English cottage garden.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it all grows. 

Now on with the holiday.....



  1. What a transformation! The new garden looks delightful. Aaron and family must be thrilled.

  2. Instant improvement!! But hard work behind the "after" photos, you would have been so appreciated for all that.

  3. Fantastic job! I bet you wished you had the help of the young people who've stayed with you and Peggy in the past.

    Six inches of pebbles? My goodness nothing could grow in that.

  4. Well you certainly had a good work out there Linda but the results are amazing!

  5. the plants look lovely, some hard work gone on there

  6. What a great job you have done and certainly given yourself a real work out. As you say, it will be so lovely when it starts to bloom. You will be a constant reminder to lovely.


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