Friday, July 17, 2015

yesterday we whistled up to Whistler

We bussed up from Vancouver yesterday. After spending an hour on the bus charging around the city picking up people and meeting up with other buses to swap passengers we left the city behind and drove out into the countryside. I have a Canadian friend who told me that Canada is like a pocket sized New Zealand. When we stopped at Porteau cove I could see what she meant. 

See that huge ferry dock? That was built just in case the road becomes impassible. It's never been used but it's there just in case. 

Whistle is a very neat and tidy town. There is a strict building code, so all buildings have a similar look.

They never let a chance go by here. In the summer the Blackcomb chair lift is converted to take bikes and riders up the mountain. It is a high octane, energy rush sport. Takes your breath away just watching the riders come hurtling down. 

There are so many activities to do here. The town is full of happy holiday makers. This the Olympic Plaza used when the Winter Olympics were held here. 

They go all out to make things comfy for visitors.
Lush gardens and hanging baskets all over town. No shortage of water here.

This afternoon we catch the train back down to Vancouver.



  1. That area is like a hidden gem! I'd love to explore that lodge, and the grounds, too. Sounds like the locals know how to be proactive with a ferry at the ready. I like forward-thinking communities.

  2. what a good way to use the ski slopes in the summer. Was so impressed not one piece of litter anywhere

  3. Hi Linda i just popped over to see how you were going and I see exciting stuff! You are in travel mode! Looks like you are having a fabulous time! How neat to meet Teresa and go to her home. Best wishes and much funxxx

  4. Great photos. It looks the most marvelous trip.

  5. looks like Whistler is as beautiful in the Summer as it is in winter!


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