Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Globe Theatre

Yesterday we went to watch Richard the II at The Globe Theatre. 
Oh my goodness this is a very exciting theatre.

The theatre roof is open so if you have bought tickets for the standing area you get wet if it rains. Yesterday London turned on a good old downpour. Thankfully we were seated under cover. The stage projects out into the open so even the actors get wet. They don't let that bother them one jot. For this particular play the stage had slots cut into it either sides. People stood in there with just their heads popping above stage level. 

The actors interact with the audience a lot. It's such a small intimate theatre. No fancy dancy lights or amplified sound. Fantastic! 

This is definitely on the just do again list. 

Talk soon



  1. You are getting up to so many wonderful things. (I'm keeping a list for when I get over there ) This is definitely a must do - talk about being smack bang in the middle of history!

    1. Hello, it sure is a must do, in fact a do again if you have the time! A real highlight

  2. a pretty amazing building, such a shame it was a wet day, makes a change for London to have the rain whilst up here we had a dry but dull day

    1. It sure did rain. Apparently a month's worth of rain in a day. We could never have stayed for the show if we weren't under cover.

  3. Looks very authentic: every year before studying Shakespeare's plays, I gave my students some historical and architectural background on the Globe. Then, when we studied the play, I would quiz them about where and how each scene might have utilized the various acting areas of the Globe.


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