Saturday, July 04, 2015

Letter from America

Yes I have arrived safely. We are at David and Lisa's house in Seattle. They have a lovely new house. Very well appointed. They tell us the builder is an Australian. I think the home has a little "Aussie" feel about it:

Down stairs there are dark polished wood floors. I think that feels like an Aussie touch. We feel very welcome and relaxed. 

From the only in America department, this lady arrived at the door today:

Can you see the letters on her top? She works for Yes, she's here to pick up the dog poop! 

The bus trip from Vancouver to here was very scenic.  I was surprised to see that even in the height of summer here the surrounding mountains are still capped with snow. Lots of lush greenery, fun to spot plants that grow in our part of the world. 

We're having a few quiet days at home then we go exploring this lovely location. 

talk soon



  1. So good to hear from you from over there!! Enjoy every day Linda, this must be what the Dr ordered for you some time ago. What next for those who have pets at home???

    1. Hi Jean
      Thank you
      I'm having a super time. So nice to take a deep breath and relax! I miss the precious Kit Kats but we have the company of a very nice rescue dog who is an absolute softie.

  2. Good to see you arrived safe and sound. I laughed at the poo picker surly she does not pick it up from people`s gardens. Here you have to pick your own when out or get a heavy fine so now the streets are a lot cleaner.

    1. Hello
      Yes she does pick up from the garden but it's not free!

  3. Glad that you arrived in the U.S. safely.

    I saw a similar "service" in Denver, CO a couple of years ago. It made me chuckle.

    1. Hi
      It's the little differences that make a place interesting.

  4. I need a pooper scooper lady ...


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