Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Letter from America VIII

At last the Sisters quilt show post! 

A typical Oregon scene on the way to Sisters. It's been so dry in theses parts. The paddock on the left has been irrigated. Isn't it amazing what a little water can do? 

We arrived in Sisters at about 8:00am. Volunteers were still hanging quilts. They were super organised. The quilt hangers had a selection of quilts to hang, a picture of the hanging location showing where each quilt was to go.

Anyone who has made a quilt they would like to show may enter it for exhibition. There are no awards and no restrictions on entry. 1300 quilts on show this year!  The town was closed to traffic for the day, making it very easy to stroll around. We loved that we could look at quilts from a distance. Sometimes at indoor shows it is hard to get far enough back from some quilts to truly appreciate them. 

See that quilt in the middle of the lady? It's made from Storm at Sea blocks, except for some appliqué for her hand. The ring on her finger is made from a re purposed watch.

I was delighted to come across some quilts made by Leanne of She Can Quilt. She is the person who inspired me to try matchstick quilting. Her quilts certainly received a lot of attention.

I am not going to gush on about every quilt we saw. Rather I will throw in a whole lot of photos of things I captured because I liked them or know someone who will.

We were delighted to run into our friend Teresa from Yakima. 

Thrilled to see a quilt she quilted on display. 

I'm going to give special mention to one more quilt. This was quilted by Angela Walters, another quilting Rock Star 

Two happy tired quilters heading back to the car.

Catch you again soon



  1. Lovely - thanks for these photos Linda!

  2. what a great way to display quilts hanks for some lovely photos especially like the pictorial one with the cat in a tree

  3. What a high-light for your trip!! Fantastic ... I love that anyone can put in a quilt with no restrictions :-)

  4. The Sisters' show is amazing! My sisters and I attended about 10 years ago. It was exciting to see all the quilts, but by the time we finished wandering the town, I was overwhelmed and didn't care to see anymore. I attended again five years ago (this time with only one sister) but this time we were more selective about the display areas we visited.

  5. Love your photos! Safe travels to your next location.

  6. Fantastic pictures. I wish there was somewhere near me that held an exhibition like this because it looks like an amazing way to display quilts and get people out in the beautiful weather. Genius!

    1. It is a great show. I would have loved to put up more photos but I didn't want to over do it!
      I take my hat off to anyone who goes to this show. Quite the mission to get there! It was over 1000kms round trip.

  7. Wow - what a lovely day out and location for an exhibition. Sounds as though you are having a fabulous trip.

    1. It was great, something I've wanted to do for many years

  8. I can see that the two of you are having the most amazing time!!!


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