Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Letter from America VII

On Friday we drove into Oregon to a Holiday Home at Crooked River Ranch near Terrebonne.

It's a private home that we found on Air BandB. The house was way out in the country.

I think the house is about 20 years old. Like your typical KIwi Batch it was furnished with items that had obviously had their day at the owners main home. Comfortable and clean - that's all you need to rest for a couple of nights. 

All the power sockets were so worn out I had to think up a cunning plan to get my IPod and IPad to charging system to work.

From the back fence of the property it was about a 75 yard walk to the edge of the McKenzie    Canyon. 

The sunset scene the evening we arrived. See those mountains in the distance? They are the Sisters mountains. That's where we were headed the next day for the quilt show. 

This is how people in these parts put their garbage bins out. All well tied down. We didn't see any garbage eating animals. Just deer and some Jack Rabbits. No snakes thank goodness!

This is the snow Country Oregon version of a fence Post. A circle of netting filled with rocks. 

Next post I'll show pictures of the show. Be prepared for a photo heavy post!



  1. Hmm, I wonder why the trash can has such an odd shelter.

    Aren't the Three Sisters' mountains and Mt. Bachelor amazing?

    Eager to see the quilts that were on display this year.

    1. The mountains are amazing. So nice to see the snow up there. The air is very fresh and clean.

  2. Looks like a great place to rest your head , and such beautiful surroundings. Like your solution to the power sockets. Ive seen some creative solutions to critters getting into rubbish , but thats one I havent seen before !

    1. Apparently there are raccoons in the area who love to get into rubbish cans. The house was comfortable but so not five star. Never mind it was very quiet and peaceful. Certainly a different place to stay

  3. Looks like a good place for a rest but isolated and not sure about the visitors that might arrive at the garbage depot!! You did have a glorious sunset though for your arrival. Looking forward to seeing snaps from Sisters.

    1. I think the main beastie of Concern is raccoons - they do get black bears as well

  4. looks just the right place for a time for relaxing and enjoying the views. have a great time at the quilt show maybe a fat quarter or two will call to you!

  5. It looks so dry there. (we are having a few rainy days here in the UK). The evening view of the mountains is amazing. I had a laugh at the over engineered bin shelter! I'm looking forward to the quilt show photos too. Enjoy your hols.


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