Saturday, July 11, 2015

Letter from America V

On Tuesday Peggy's and I drove to Yakima.,_Washington
Yakima is inland from Seattle. 

To get there we had to drive over the Cascade Mountains. The drive was so pretty. Just minutes from Lisa and David's house we were in the green leafy countryside. Going over the mountains was ( for my NZ friends) Karangahake Gorge x 100. 

Our main reason for visiting was to meet up with a blogging quilting friend Teresa from Quilting is my Bliss. has the same kind of quilting machine as me. We have been visiting each other's blogs for about 3/4 years now. Teresa made us very welcome at her home. She has her house well decorated with quilts,let me share some pictures with you. Warning lots of pictures to follow.

Here we are with Teresa in front of her Tula Pink Butterfly quilt.
And just so you can see the quilt on its own:

Teresa has lovely quilts and quilted items all through her house. Check out this cream on cream runner on the dining room table:

Lime green and brights table topper.

Fantastic star quilt. Gravity designed by Jaybird quilts:

Take a closer. Look at Teresa's fabulous quilting. 

Teresa is a Tula pink fan so Tula's quilts are all around the house. Look at this lovely one:

A Sew Kinda Wonderful quilt. This the corner of Teresa's studio where she does piecing. I don't think Teresa needs sleep!

Love her collection of miniature quilts show cased along side family photos. They go so well together. 

Teresa had a very clever lady in Seattle custom make this bag for her. Featuring, you guessed it Tula pink again! Can you see the deer peeking out?

We had a splendid visit with Teresa, well worth the journey. Thanks for having us at your house, Teresa.

Talk soon



  1. Thank you Linda! I truly loved meeting you and your sister. Thanks so much for visiting me!

  2. how good to meet up with a blogger, hopefully we will meet up too. Some lovely work she has done, the butterfly quilt is a real beauty, better not let my daughter Helen see it as she will demand one too

    1. Yes, it was super to meet Teresa. She's such a talented quilter!
      That butterfly quilt is fantastic! I asked about buying a kit but had to give that idea up when I converted the price to NZ dollars!
      Hoping to see you in York

  3. Thank you for sharing these photos, I love the Tula Pink Butterfly and have often thought I would love to make one of these. Pleased to see you seem to be having a lovely quilty time!

    1. I love the butterfly quilt too! I would love to make it,

  4. Teresa's quilts are gorgeous!

    It's such fun to meet blogging friends in person.

  5. Teresa is one talented lady! I love meeting blog mates when I travel.

    1. Yes, we hope to meet a few more on our travels. Teresa's quilting is inspiring.

    2. Yes , we hope to meet some more blogging friends. Teresa's quilting is inspiring.

    3. How wonderful to have met Teresa in person. Thanks for sharing the photos of her quilts, it is great to see them in her home after admiring them on her blog. Looks like you are having a fantastic time.

    4. Teresa's home is just lovely. Every quilter's dream. She has loads of quilted items around her house. Yes, we're having a super time

  6. Teresa's quilts are wonderful!


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