Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Letter from America IV

Yesterday we visited Vashon Island. Vashon is just across the water from Seattle. I read a blog "Gluten Free Girl and the Chef",
She lives on the Island. Reading her blog and another ( name escapes me) about a quilter who lives in Seattle but often teaches at the quilt shop in Vashon made me dream of visiting.  We were up early to drive into the city to catch the ferry across. The water was smooth as a mill pond. It took about 20 minutes to ferry over. 

The small township was very interesting to stroll around. Lots of smaller shops with goodies created by local artists. Here's a point of difference though- in New Zealand on a Sunday most shops would open at say 9 to 10 and shut at 12 noon to 1, here they didn't open until Midday. So we found a nice cafe and sipped lavender lemonade while we waited for the shops to open. 

After Midday we took a look at some of the shops. Oh the temptations! I found these adorable bird houses.  I had to take some photos for Rochelle. What a shame I have such a tiny bag!  

Loved this sign:

Lots of lovely flowers in hanging baskets and planters. I don't know why but the flowers seem more vibrant and lush here. 

I had to catch a picture of this tiny shack which is a Burger shop.  

Further down the street we found "The Island Quilter".

 I say "found" because the shop has just moved location. This is a shop I have heard a lot about. They have an emphasis on Modern Quilting and Kaffe Fasset fabrics. My friend Margaret back in Taupo would have had palpitations if she saw the Kaffe fabric. Floor to ceiling, four shelves high! 

The assistant told us they have the biggest stock of Kaffe in America. For Kaffe starved friends in NZ you may like to check out their Kaffe Club. Apparently they have quite a few customers in NZ and Australia. 

Them we had lunch at The Hardware Store. Sounds strange I know but this is a restaurant in an old character building which once was the hardware store.

After a drive around he island, which doesn't take long we joined the queue to catch the return journey home. A perfect day out. Coming this way? Take time to get away from the city and enjoy the fresh air and openness of Vashon. 


  1. Those bird feeders are sooo cute ... I curse those carry-on bags LOL!!!

  2. It looks like you are having an amazing time. Those fabrics are scrumptious!

  3. O my gosh what a sight floor to ceiling KF fabrics!!! Thanks for posting this. You seem to have had a neat time visiting Vashon Island, marvellous being able to follow you around on your trip!

  4. what a sight those Kaffe fabrics are, so very tempting.
    Good to see on your next blog that you had a good celebration on Independance day too

  5. My goodness, that quilt shop is amazing!

  6. My heart beat just a little bit faster seeing the pose of you both in front of that tower of fabric. Did you want to just dive right in and buy a piece of everything?

    Vashon looks like a place well worth the ferry ride. Sipping lavender lemonade, eating at a hardware store, a fish shack , and those beautiful flowers !


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