Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Letter from America III

We celebrated Independence Day on Saturday. I love to see the enthusiasm Americans have for this. 

We followed some of the traditions:

David grilled massive tender steaks which were served with a nice selection of fresh vegetables. 

This was followed by blackberry and apple pie with ice cream.

Some wore silly hats:

After dinner neighbours gathered across the way in a car park area to let off fireworks. 

Golly gosh these people had fireworks by the truck load. It was nice to attend a local gathering with adults and children all sharing time together. The days are very long here, it was rather late before the fireworks looked their best. I toddled off to bed about midnight. Fireworks were still going off then! 

These people sure know how to celebrate! 

I'll share more soon. 



  1. Sounds like you experienced a good example of the Fourth of July celebration right down to apple pie!

    My neighbors at the end of the street shot off some massive fireworks shells. They shook the house when they exploded.

  2. Such a pity our Waitangi Day isn't celebrated like this. Did you know that The Warehouse was selling 4Th July themed things - don't think they realise that NZ does not celebrate this.

  3. How exciting to be able to see a July 4th celebration for real. One for my bucket list. Those steaks look amazing.


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