Thursday, July 16, 2015

Here we are in Canada

 'Tuesday we caught the train up to Vancouver. What a great way to cross the border. It all went very smoothly. 

Yesterday we took a tour around the city. It seems Vancouver is all about the Green
The Green
The Green
No pollution. 
Every where you go there are notices about disposing of trash in the correct way. The building code in the city says all new buildings must have a "green component". From the Lookout tower you can see lots of greenery. Some roof gardens even have bee hives on them. 

All around the city you can see electric cars. There are three hundred cars available that you can buy access to. Once you join the car network you can pick up and drop a car where ever suits. So it's not uncommon to see these cars plugged in.Pretty cute, yes?

We had a lunch break at Granville Island this is an area which was once industrial but has been converted into a trendy shopping foodie zone. Look at these pies. 

Lots of Street artists. We loved these three young men tap dancing. They put such energy into their show. 

If I ever get back to Vancouver I think I could just about find my way around. 

Next stop Whistler. 

See you



  1. You and Peggy could write a sequel to Trains, Planes, and Automobiles! I loved visiting Vancouver and wandering the city. The electric cars are a great idea: I hope they catch on in other cities.

    1. Yes, we sure could. Vancouver is certainly a nice city.

  2. So glad your enjoying your time in Canada, my country! I have been to Vancouver many times as my sister lives there.

    1. Hi Kathy
      Loving being in Canada. Just wish we had more time.

  3. you are both certainly cramming in so much on your tour and seeing and sharing with us, it is good to see photos of places I will never be able to visit.

  4. I get the impression that Canada is a very progressive country when it comes to the environment . Those cars are so cute and a wonderful idea for getting around the city.


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