Saturday, July 25, 2015

A flutter of Butterflies

Thursday we went to the Natural History Museum. Somebody said that a visit there was worth it just to see the building. That is so true. The brick work and stone work is stunning. I was of course looking with my quilter's eyes. I could see so many patterns. 

Jackson was keen to see the dinosaurs section. Peggy and I spotted a Butterfly House so we headed there. Although this is not a very large display it is very well done. So many lovely butterflies. Peggy had a couple land on her.

That butterfly doesn't look so exciting with its wings closed but when it opens out:

This one's for Debbie

They had a feeding station set up. 

After the Museum visit we headed to Hyde Park and walked across to Marble Arch.  Sadly Hyde Park is not its usual lush green self, but still very nice to stroll through. We had hoped to spot the NZ Memorial but sadly we ran out of time. Peggy and I will be staying near for our last few days in England so we'll stroll across and look then.  

Talk again soon



  1. Great times Linda, so glad all is going well, stunning butterflies, and I can see quilting patterns there too.

    1. Hi Jean

      We're having a fantastic time. Today we head out to meet family for a traditional Sunday lunch at a nice pub

  2. Im seeing quilting possibilities in all of your pictures too.

    Butterflies are just such lovely graceful creatures. I took my daughter to one when she was small and she spent most of the time freaking out when they landed on her....

    1. Yes, Peggy was very brave about the butterflies.
      Quilting inspiration everywhere. I'm sure my travelling companions think I an quite mad when I take photos of tile floors!

  3. I hope you are having a good time here in the UK even if the weather isn't playing ball all the time. Whatever happened to summer? I might not get to Festival of Quilts after all as my parents may be visiting and my husband is scheduled now for a hip replacement the week after. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  4. Such fun to have these adventures with your sister!

    The building's details are amazing.


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