Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Sundries

Now that’s a heading you haven’t seen for awhile.

The season is changing here. Rich Autumn colours in the garden

Autumn Ribbet collage

Still a bit of summer colour lingers on:
Autumn flowersRibbet collage

This week we have had the pleasure of hosting two Swedish WWOOFers. Maia and Emilia have worked really hard. They have been a delight to have staying in our house. They cleared lots of weeds on the bank.


I asked them to prune a very large lavender bush, but first they harvested all the flower spikes.Now tied into bunches and  drying in the garage.


They helped us change our wall quilts.

autumn quiltsRibbet collage

We shall miss these two Swedish maidens when they leave us. Safe journey home Maia and Emilia.



  1. I love the colours in your Autumn garden. Every season has it's charms. What are WWFors? Whatever they are they seem jolly useful! I love to use dried lavender in so many ways. Have you tried putting some in a muslin bag and tying it under the taps when you are running a bath? So relaxing.

  2. autumn I think is the best season when it comes to colours and you certainly have put on a show for us. Having problems with ads not allowing access to blogs but got into you today and caught up with the previous 2 blogs too, Mum certainly went through a lot having her hair done in "the good old days" Going to try and check out the tutorial on the weighted pin cushions now

  3. Love the hexagon quilt... a real special treasure! Was it hand or machine pieced? Linda

  4. We already miss you! xx
    /Maia & Emilia

  5. These two young women look like delightful guests and workers. I'm sure they have great memories of their time at your house.

  6. What rich Autumn shades, you do have better Autumn colours down there, very envious!

  7. The leaves arent turning here yet - they're trying to - very hard but not quite there.

    Your house guests look like they fitted right in.

  8. I didn't realise WWOOFers did more than farm work - it looks like it was great to have them stay. Beautiful Autumn photos, Linda. And a lovely post about your Mum and her hair too - what a process that was!


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