Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother’s Day

I was looking through some old photos a few days ago and I found this picture of Mum when she had her hair Hot Waved for the first time.

Mums first hot wave0052015

She saved her money for ages to afford a perm. She used to say God gave her straight hair but he didn’t give her the face to suit. Back in the day the process to have ones hair permed was called a Hot Wave. The equipment for this process looked like this:

Hot Perm Machine

Pretty scary yes? You can read about the process here. Mum was disappointed when the new Cold Wave came in. She said it was not as good. Right to the end of her life she liked to keep her hair permed. She didn’t like the process but she liked the result. Here she is, hair freshly permed and looking happy.

Curlylocks Curlylocks

Thinking of you today Mum xxxx



  1. I can tell from the photos of your Mother that she loved and enjoyed every bit of her life.

  2. Fashions come and go in relation to hair dont they - just like clothing. I havent had my hair permed in 20 years , and dont think I would have liked the perming methods way back when either. Looks like a torture device !

    Your Mum is beautiful.


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