Thursday, May 07, 2015

Modern Building Blocks

Linda of Koka Quilts asked me to quilt her Modern Building Block quilt.

MMwhole quiltIMG_2096_1

This is a very interesting quilt with lots of different sized blocks. See those two very large blocks? They are 36” x 36”. Almost a small quilt all on their own.

I wanted to keep the quilting in the “modern” style. Lots of straight lines and ruler work. The quilt whispered to me though, and it whispered “feathers, I want some feathers”. So some feathers it got. Not too traditional, more of a modern, simple clean look. Each block is quilted differently.

MMbig green blockIMG_2086_1 

MMGreen basketsIMG_2088_1




The smallest blocks in this quilt finish at 6” x 6”. This added another challenge of scale to the quilting process.

MMsmall blocksIMG_2093_1

This was my favourite block in the quilt:


The backing fabric Linda selected was so right for this quilt:

I don’t know if it is linen but it certainly has a linen like texture. Linda belongs to the Monday Modern Quilt group. They will be holding an exhibition 19-27th September at Alberton House in Mt Albert. Linda is hoping to have this quilt ready for display. So if you want to see this quilt up close and personal keep checking Linda’s blog as I am sure she will have more details available.

Linda, thank you for sending your quilt to my quilt beauty spa.



  1. Well done! I love the details you added.

  2. Beautifully quilted, perfect for this lovely Modern quilt.

  3. Your quilting makes every detail of this lovely quilt just pop. Its an absolute treasure of a quilt. I wish you lived closer...I;d definitely get you to quilt something of mine. You're amazingly talented !

  4. Beautiful Linda! These quilts have a way of telling us what they want!

  5. Beautiful work yet again, I have this pattern too, the bigger question is will I ever do anything with it. Have a a great weekend.

  6. Wow! My moda modern blocks is still a wip. I particularly like the quilting in pics 4 and 6.

  7. Great to see how you quilted this Linda! Beautiful!

  8. Love, love, love the feather block!


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