Thursday, May 21, 2015

Huka Falls……

…..a beautiful waterfall not far from where we live.Huka Falls is one of the most visited scenic spots in New Zealand.

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When I received Sally’s bargello quilt all the colours in and the motion created by the placement of colour and piecing made me think of Huka Falls.

Huka FallsIMG_2168_1

All the colours of the earth, bush and water. I quilted with an all over ripple pattern, which really suited this quilt.


Huka FallsIMG_2167_1

Sally used 20 shades of green in this quilt. I don’t know how many intersections there are in this quilt but I can tell you I didn’t see a single out of line one. Wonderful work, a pleasure to quilt. Thank you for sending your quilt to me Sally.


  1. Gorgeous quilt and wonderful quilting on it, Linda!

  2. Oh Linda, you outdid yourself on this stunning quilt! Sally's quilt is gorgeous and your quilting pushes it over the top. Thank you !!! ~ Christina

  3. Beautiful colours, design and then the quilting. Years ago when we lived at Katikati, we adopted a rescue cat from the SPCA in Thames, Miss Tegel, found at the chicken farm. She wouldn't walk on grass, freaked out if she saw a man, so no visitors, wouldn't eat raw meat, even if chopped so fine, and was so anti-social, no patting or picking up. We tried for a while, then rang and asked if they would take her back, and that is when Hugh chose Felicity. Sometimes their previous life has made a new one too hard to fit into, but we all try, and even if for a short while, some happiness comes their way, that might be in their minds the best part of their days. Boris is a live wire, still very tiny, must weigh him again, and yes, great company for Hugh, and looking further ahead, a companion when he recuperates, as I cannot imagine him wanting to be still and take it easy as he will be ordered to do!!! Hugs to all at your home

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. Im a big fan of Bargello quilts and this is one of the loveliest ones I've seen. Those colours are just beautiful! (and I agree with you - it reminds me of a waterfall too)

  5. Huka Falls as lovely as ever. I do like this bargello setting and your quilting is luscious!

  6. Beautiful quilt and your quilting is superb. I love going to Huka Falls, watching the colours, and smelling that fresh ozoney scent of the water.

  7. What a wonderful quilt!
    Visiting from Sew Many Ways Linkup.

  8. That's a gorgeous quilt and the Huka Falls aren't bad either, lol!!

  9. Beautiful work on both parts! I love your machine quilting.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  10. Beautiful - both the quilt and the falls!

  11. Stunning Linda. Just love the quilt and your quilting really lifts it up again. What colour thread did you use, it looks great.


  12. Spectacular - heavenly - great - divine - can not find words for how beautiful waterfall and green quilt is
    Vivianne in Sweden


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