Monday, May 04, 2015

A Flutter of Butterflies

Terri made this stunning quilt to go on her own bed.I was so excited when she asked me to quilt it.Get ready for photo overload. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of this beauty.

First before:

Terris butterfly flight pre quiltingIMG_1827_1

 Flutter of butterflie prequiltingRibbet collage


I enjoying working with Terri. She’s so artistic and she gives me free range to stitch as I think suits the quilt. This quilt went backwards and forwards on the frame many times before it was completed. First I stitched close to all the applique with Monopoly. I like to do this as it really makes the applique look sharp and stand out. Then it was onto lots and lots of fill around every stem, leaf and petal. After that I was free to flow in the background. I had the idea that I wanted the flutter of butterflies to be quilted in such a way that their flight path was accentuated. Finally I went back and stitched on top of some of the applique. Not all of it, just the larger pieces that needed to be held down. Phew that was a long process!

Finished, Ta dah!

Terris quilt finishedIMG_1915_1


Forget me notIMG_1929_1

hollyhocks and start of butterfly trailIMG_1918_1

Pink flowerIMG_1924_1



Rag flowerIMG_1923_1

And just because they are so darn cute, the partridges with their feathers stitched:

Terri partridgeIMG_1916_1

Thanks for asking me to quilt your special quilt Terri.

and thank you for popping by dear reader.



  1. Oh My!!! Absolutely spiffingly wonderful.Both the quilt, and the design, finally your quilting brings it to life.

  2. what a beautiful quilt, stunning

  3. what a beautiful quilt, stunning

  4. It's gourgeous, both the quilt and the quilting!

  5. Linda, your work is amazing: the quilt is gorgeous!

  6. What a fabulous what and Linda, your quilting is superb! An absolute heirloom.

  7. Wow, what an amazing quilt. So beautiful. You have done a wonderful job quilting it! Xx

  8. A beautiful quilt - your quilting really gives it movement.

  9. Your quilting on this one is amazing!! I suspect very time consuming into the bargain.

  10. Oh My goodness.... this is just stunning . You did an amazing job on the quilting Linda, but you also had a work of art to weave your magic on to start with.

  11. Hello Linda,


    Happy days

  12. The quilt is beautiful Linda! Terri's quilt was lovely to start with and you've given it such a gorgeous finishing!

  13. It's so gorgeous Linda! Lovely quilting.

  14. Lovely work Linda. Love the flow and the texture and everything about it. Great quilt of Terri's to start with too and it's a win/win situation for you both. Your fans in the middle are a nice touch for transition!
    Hugs Clare

  15. Beautiful quilt... and I get the impression you had such fun quilting it! The butterflies 'flight path' is wonderful, it really caught my eye! Linda

  16. I scrolled through your blog and found this. Absolutely fabulous and enhanced so beautifully by your quilting.

  17. Love the whimsical approach you took to the quilting - so ethereal!


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