Thursday, May 21, 2015

Huka Falls……

…..a beautiful waterfall not far from where we live.Huka Falls is one of the most visited scenic spots in New Zealand.

Image result for huka falls taupo

When I received Sally’s bargello quilt all the colours in and the motion created by the placement of colour and piecing made me think of Huka Falls.

Huka FallsIMG_2168_1

All the colours of the earth, bush and water. I quilted with an all over ripple pattern, which really suited this quilt.


Huka FallsIMG_2167_1

Sally used 20 shades of green in this quilt. I don’t know how many intersections there are in this quilt but I can tell you I didn’t see a single out of line one. Wonderful work, a pleasure to quilt. Thank you for sending your quilt to me Sally.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Sundries

Now that’s a heading you haven’t seen for awhile.

The season is changing here. Rich Autumn colours in the garden

Autumn Ribbet collage

Still a bit of summer colour lingers on:
Autumn flowersRibbet collage

This week we have had the pleasure of hosting two Swedish WWOOFers. Maia and Emilia have worked really hard. They have been a delight to have staying in our house. They cleared lots of weeds on the bank.


I asked them to prune a very large lavender bush, but first they harvested all the flower spikes.Now tied into bunches and  drying in the garage.


They helped us change our wall quilts.

autumn quiltsRibbet collage

We shall miss these two Swedish maidens when they leave us. Safe journey home Maia and Emilia.


Mother’s Day

I was looking through some old photos a few days ago and I found this picture of Mum when she had her hair Hot Waved for the first time.

Mums first hot wave0052015

She saved her money for ages to afford a perm. She used to say God gave her straight hair but he didn’t give her the face to suit. Back in the day the process to have ones hair permed was called a Hot Wave. The equipment for this process looked like this:

Hot Perm Machine

Pretty scary yes? You can read about the process here. Mum was disappointed when the new Cold Wave came in. She said it was not as good. Right to the end of her life she liked to keep her hair permed. She didn’t like the process but she liked the result. Here she is, hair freshly permed and looking happy.

Curlylocks Curlylocks

Thinking of you today Mum xxxx


Saturday, May 09, 2015

Sweet Peas

The last time we gathered we had a trash and treasure exchange. We all bought pre-loved treasures, fabrics, books, magazines, patterns etc. I think everyone went home with a treasure.
trash and treasureRibbet collage
Since we have had a sew along to make these Weighted Pincushion Organisers.
pincushion holder
The pattern by Elizabeth Hartman can be found at                   Sew Mama Sew.Elizabeth writes excellent patterns, lots of photos and good instructions. Do pop over and have a look. This is not just a pincushion. It has an apron hanging from it that has a row of pocket slots at the bottom which can be customise to fit your favourite sewing tools. The scrap bag can be detached if you just want the pin cushion and apron. A nice little project.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Modern Building Blocks

Linda of Koka Quilts asked me to quilt her Modern Building Block quilt.

MMwhole quiltIMG_2096_1

This is a very interesting quilt with lots of different sized blocks. See those two very large blocks? They are 36” x 36”. Almost a small quilt all on their own.

I wanted to keep the quilting in the “modern” style. Lots of straight lines and ruler work. The quilt whispered to me though, and it whispered “feathers, I want some feathers”. So some feathers it got. Not too traditional, more of a modern, simple clean look. Each block is quilted differently.

MMbig green blockIMG_2086_1 

MMGreen basketsIMG_2088_1




The smallest blocks in this quilt finish at 6” x 6”. This added another challenge of scale to the quilting process.

MMsmall blocksIMG_2093_1

This was my favourite block in the quilt:


The backing fabric Linda selected was so right for this quilt:

I don’t know if it is linen but it certainly has a linen like texture. Linda belongs to the Monday Modern Quilt group. They will be holding an exhibition 19-27th September at Alberton House in Mt Albert. Linda is hoping to have this quilt ready for display. So if you want to see this quilt up close and personal keep checking Linda’s blog as I am sure she will have more details available.

Linda, thank you for sending your quilt to my quilt beauty spa.


Monday, May 04, 2015

A Flutter of Butterflies

Terri made this stunning quilt to go on her own bed.I was so excited when she asked me to quilt it.Get ready for photo overload. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of this beauty.

First before:

Terris butterfly flight pre quiltingIMG_1827_1

 Flutter of butterflie prequiltingRibbet collage


I enjoying working with Terri. She’s so artistic and she gives me free range to stitch as I think suits the quilt. This quilt went backwards and forwards on the frame many times before it was completed. First I stitched close to all the applique with Monopoly. I like to do this as it really makes the applique look sharp and stand out. Then it was onto lots and lots of fill around every stem, leaf and petal. After that I was free to flow in the background. I had the idea that I wanted the flutter of butterflies to be quilted in such a way that their flight path was accentuated. Finally I went back and stitched on top of some of the applique. Not all of it, just the larger pieces that needed to be held down. Phew that was a long process!

Finished, Ta dah!

Terris quilt finishedIMG_1915_1


Forget me notIMG_1929_1

hollyhocks and start of butterfly trailIMG_1918_1

Pink flowerIMG_1924_1



Rag flowerIMG_1923_1

And just because they are so darn cute, the partridges with their feathers stitched:

Terri partridgeIMG_1916_1

Thanks for asking me to quilt your special quilt Terri.

and thank you for popping by dear reader.


Friday, May 01, 2015

Tree Trimming…..

Today we had Louis Babington and the team from Advanced Tree and Arborcare Services come and trim a line of trees for us.

Before pictures, and yes that is frost on the lawn:



Work in progress:


Team enjoying Morning Tea


The end result:



Louis and his team worked with great energy and efficiency. They left everything neat and tidy. If you need trees trimmed call Louis and his team, I recommend them.


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