Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wendy’s quilt

Our eldest sister Wendy has been going through a rough time lately. What could we do? Well, make her a quilt of course. Peggy made the top using the Jay Bird Hex and More ruler.Seems we can never get enough Hexi quilts around here.

Wendy's quilt and gardenIMG_1798

Wendy's quilt in loungeIMG_1794_1

Yes folks, all those daisies and feathers stitched free motion.Peggy is a whizz at binding those Hexi edges.

Edge of Wendy's quiltIMG_1796_1

Before Christmas Peggy and I dug into our backing fabric bins, sewed up lots of left over pieces and made quilt backs. Before we put them away we measured them, wrote the measurements on a pieces of calico and attached them with a pin. It is great to know we have a backing stash just waiting for us.

Bck of Wendy's quiltIMG_1807_1

How about this for a sweet label? Re purposed linen.


Perfect I think.

Thanks for popping by. Hope you have had a pleasant relaxing weekend.

Bye for now



  1. Made with care , stitched with love, and label attached with those words, perfect. Love the label as much as the quilt itself.

  2. It's lovely! Nothing says "love" more than a quilt.

    Preparing backings ahead of time is brilliant. I need to do more of that.

  3. Beautiful - a lovely thoughtful gift - that ruler seems to be a really useful one, I've seen a few great quilts made with it now. Good idea sorting out your backings like that - it can take ages to piece a backing - difficult when impatient to get the quilt done!

  4. Look at the quilting! Your sister will surely love this hexie quilt, Peggy chose lovely colours and I admire her greatly for binding around all those points!!

  5. Beautiful Linda! Peggy is a whizz with her lovely bindings. I am sure the quilt will be appreciated. I love using vintage linens for labels too, takes them to the next generation. I like your backing fabric stash idea!

  6. Your sister is sure to be comforted with her new quilt made with much love.
    And that is such a good idea to stitch up some quilt backings for later. You can bring them out and say, "this is one I prepared earlier", just like the TV cooks used to do!

  7. Hexis, free motion quilting, pointy binding - who could ask for more! oh, and vintage linens for labels, such a great idea! A lovely combined finish! Linda


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