Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sweet Peas…

Gathered at our house this week.As per they had all been busy. Andreena showing her enthusiasm for Christmas yet again. A stocking beautifully quilted with gold thread.

Andreenas stockingRibbet collage

…..and look at this dog she has just completed. She is inviting name suggestions for this cutie. Any ideas? ( sorry I couldn’t get a better picture – kitties thought they were that stars of the show).

Andreenas dogIMG_1856_1

But wait there’s more. Andreena has also completed this Lotus Bag.

Andreens Lotus bagIMG_1854_1

Andreena and Trish have been working together to create a Table topper. This will having stitching and quilting added.

Andreenas and Trish Table topperIMG_1847_1

Rochelle bought her completed R X R quilt. So happy and summery looking.

Rochelles RxRIMG_1858_1

Sunbonnet Sue enjoying “Life is a Beach”

Rochelles Life is a beachIMG_1862_1

For a while now I have been watching other bloggers using Lace Zips. Now I have Zipper phobia. Lace zippers looked like good therapy for that condition. So I looked for some tutorials, ordered some zippers and played.This is what I made:


I read several tutorials and picked out the best from all of them. You can find them here:

This one is finished without raw edges inside:

No doubt you would like to know where to buy zippers:You can get any colour and lots of sizes from:

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  1. I've never seen or even heard of Lace Zips - clever product. I like your bags.

  2. A talented busy group, Linda. I've drooled over the lace zippers too - I'm sure that one day I will succomb!


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