Sunday, March 22, 2015

Peggy’s Science Fair

This is Peggy’s pretty version of Science Fair.

 Science FairIMG_1880_1

She made a very modern version of this which I quilted in January 2014.


Peggy’s pretty version is her own personal quilt – not giving this one away! A totally different style of quilting this time. Lots of feathers, McDazzling and did you spot the “phantom hexis”? Great fun.

Paggys science fairIMG_1873_1

A little peek at what it looked like before I started quilting:


I had the best creative time with this quilt:
Science FairRibbet collage

Love, love, love.



  1. Wow Linda - I think you have excelled with your beautiful quilting on this quilt!! Please tell Peggy I love her colours and she too must be thrilled with such an amazing finish.

  2. Love seeing the before and after! So interesting to see a different take on a modern pattern. Beautiful!

  3. Definitely some of your best work! Well done!

  4. Absolutley beautiful!! Awesome quilting!

  5. Linda, that is just awesome quilting. Love the quilt too Peggy. You are going from strength to strength in your quilting and so lovely to see. Catch up soon.


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