Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sweet Peas…

Gathered at our house this week.As per they had all been busy. Andreena showing her enthusiasm for Christmas yet again. A stocking beautifully quilted with gold thread.

Andreenas stockingRibbet collage

…..and look at this dog she has just completed. She is inviting name suggestions for this cutie. Any ideas? ( sorry I couldn’t get a better picture – kitties thought they were that stars of the show).

Andreenas dogIMG_1856_1

But wait there’s more. Andreena has also completed this Lotus Bag.

Andreens Lotus bagIMG_1854_1

Andreena and Trish have been working together to create a Table topper. This will having stitching and quilting added.

Andreenas and Trish Table topperIMG_1847_1

Rochelle bought her completed R X R quilt. So happy and summery looking.

Rochelles RxRIMG_1858_1

Sunbonnet Sue enjoying “Life is a Beach”

Rochelles Life is a beachIMG_1862_1

For a while now I have been watching other bloggers using Lace Zips. Now I have Zipper phobia. Lace zippers looked like good therapy for that condition. So I looked for some tutorials, ordered some zippers and played.This is what I made:


I read several tutorials and picked out the best from all of them. You can find them here:

This one is finished without raw edges inside:

No doubt you would like to know where to buy zippers:You can get any colour and lots of sizes from:

Thanks for popping by


Peggy’s Science Fair

This is Peggy’s pretty version of Science Fair.

 Science FairIMG_1880_1

She made a very modern version of this which I quilted in January 2014.


Peggy’s pretty version is her own personal quilt – not giving this one away! A totally different style of quilting this time. Lots of feathers, McDazzling and did you spot the “phantom hexis”? Great fun.

Paggys science fairIMG_1873_1

A little peek at what it looked like before I started quilting:


I had the best creative time with this quilt:
Science FairRibbet collage

Love, love, love.


Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Mini Break part two

Just across the road from where we stayed is the MTG We saw that they had a display of Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan’s clothing. That was interesting but even more exciting for us was With Bold Needle and Thread 1920 - 1960 Vintage Needlework from the Rosemary McLeod Collection.Lots of aprons:
ApronstwoRibbet collage
From sacking cloth to posh afternoon tea versions.
Tray clothes and tea cosies (thought of you Cat when I saw this).
Modern tea cosyIMG_0694_1
Linen bags for storing clothing to be washed.
Landry bagsIMG_0692_1
Topsy Turvy Dolls.My Aunty used to make these, they were very popular. Not sure they would be PC these days.
Topsey Turvey DollsIMG_0693_1
If you ever have a chance to view this exhibition don’t miss it. Sadly I only had my Iphone to take photos so I do apologise for the quality.
The main reason for our trip to Napier was to attend SoleMio’s concert at the Municipal Theatre.
Image result for napier municipal theatre
Another Art Deco restoration.Beautiful inside and out. The show was FAB-U-LOUS! We enjoyed every minute.

On our last morning we had breakfast at Mr D’s on Tennyson Street. We arrived there early and sat at a table towards the back of the cafe. Much of the kitchen was open to view. We were fascinated by the chef with her huge slab of bread dough on the bench.She turned dough into rolls with speed and a deft technique.
MrDs chef in actionIMG_0703_1
They make all their own breads and pastries on site. Breakfast and coffee delicious.
MrDsbeakfastRibbet collage
A good place to dine if you have anger management issues – you can take it all out grinding your own pepper corns in the mini mortar and pestle.
All in all a busy, interesting mini break.


Sunday, March 01, 2015

A Mini Break….

I love the way the English say they are having a “mini break” Trouble is life is so nice here it’s hard to leave to take a break. Anyway, earlier this week Peggy of Kiwi Klippings and I popped over to Napier for a couple of days. Napier is known as the Art Deco capital of the world. Lots of beautiful buildings to view.

We stayed at the Masonic Hotel which has been restored in Art Deco style.

We loved the KISS control panel in the lift.
KISS lift panel Masonic hotel_2

Our room had a door opening out onto the balcony. Perfect spot to sip a glass of wine before dinner and look out at the Colonnade and the sea beyond

Of course we had to stroll along the front to visit Pania.
Pania Napier
Lots more to share but I think I better write another post!
Thanks for popping by
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