Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sweet Peas……

gathered at our house yesterday.

Lots of chatter and yummy food as usual.

The girls have been busy. The last time we gathered I shared with them how to make the an enhanced version of the 10 Minute Table Runner called  “The Last Minute Table Runner. Three runners….

Last minute table runnerIMG_1754_1


Debbie the Queen of the Treasure box has been sharing her knowledge with Trish who has made this very sharp box. The pin is just there until buttons are added.

Treasure boxIMG_1755_1

Before Christmas I shared this a picture of a wall hanging:

Sweet Pea Margaret who loves all things featuring cats was inspired to make her own interpretation of this:

Margaret's cat wall hangingIMG_1752_1

Those eyes are perfect don’t you think?

Margarets car eyesIMG_1751_1_1

A combined effort.

This is Andreena’s Row x Row quilt. Andreena set out to quilt this but decided to ask me to complete it.

Andreenas R xRIMG_1757_1

Andreena RxRRibbet collage

Pretty sharp yes?

Thanks for popping by



  1. I usually don't like row by row quilts, but that one is a beauty!

  2. Those cat wall hangings are fun - I actually have a couple of cat ornaments that look just like them.
    Have a great weekend.


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