Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sweet Peas……

……gathered together earlier this month to have morning tea with Trish who was facing a hospital visit a few days later. After our usual tea, coffee, yummy food and show and tell we popped a basket of goodies in front of Trish.


plus this basket of Nurse Bait.  I spotted this idea on Pinterest.

Nurse Bait

The card reads:

Nurse Bait

When one is in Hospital and feeling sick,

The very best thing is to get well quick.

The nurses are wonderful and take good care,

They can’t stay long it’s just not fair.

To lure them in to check on you,

Even more often than they usually do,

This basket of NURSE Bait should do the trick,

To get them to see you often and quick.

Of course there was a quilt in the basket too.

Trish's quilt IMG_1676_1

Trishs quilt collageRibbet collage

We’re all wishing Trish a speedy return to wellness.



  1. Lovely quilt, of course my favourite colours, and the nurses' basket, what a grand idea. Hugs to all at your home, Jean.

  2. Great ideas - and the quilt is gourgeous, I love the colours! And the quilting :)

  3. Love the Nurse Bait basket, but I have a feeling it might attract Doctors, too!

  4. Lovely to see more pics of the beautiful quilt for Trish and the basket of Nurse Bait and accompanying ditty is a hoot!! Also good to be reading your posts again.


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