Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Sundries

Golly it has been hot around here. Lots of iced lemon water being consumed
Lemon waterIMG_1730_1
Sharing the love. Our Silk tree and the Pink Rose from next door playing nicely together.
Pink Roses and silk tree
If you ever need to make a small quilt quickly the Bandana quilt is a great solution.Here’s the recipe:
Bandana quilts with only four bandanas! You need one for the centre, one cut into fourths diagonally for the "middle layer" , and two cut in half from corner to corner for the outside corners.
Surfs up bandana quilt
The bandanas I used are from Canteen. The finished size is just 42” square. The outer bandanas had a big fern running through the middle. Cut like this the white parts remind me of surf boards. The swirls reminds me of the sea. so this little quilt is called “Surfs up”
The size of this quilt made it perfect for a bit of Cat Scan training for Bailey.How about this for enthusiasm?
Bailey learns to cat scan one_1
I think he’s going to be a very a very strict inspector, he obviously thinks the back is just as important as the front.
Bailey learns to cat scan_1
…..however it is clear Cici thinks she is the senior cat scanner around here.
Thanks for popping by.


  1. What a clever idea. Obviously, the bandanas in your corner of the world are larger and come in more designs than they do here in Wyoming!

  2. Brilliant idea and in support of such a good cause!

  3. Love silk trees, apart from the mess when they drop the flowers. Great idea with the Canteen bandannas, I was just telling my daughter we may be able to make a quilt with hers. Will pin this for inspiration. Did you still want to swap a calla bulb or too when they have died down?


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