Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Sundries

Maureen aka Mystic Quilter was involved in a scrappy sew along last year. The block she selected to work on was a pieced cat. As you probably know I am a little bit cat crazy. As Maureen worked on her clowder of cats we often chatted about them. She even made a Bailey block to celebrate the arrival of my new cat.At the end of her scrappy challenge Maureen decided she didn’t want to use all the pusscats so she sent me some surplus blocks. Maureen uses a lot of Kaffe Fasset fabrics so I searched out one to border the cats. (BTW if you reside in NZ the Bernina Sewing Shop in Rotorua has a very nice selection of Kaffe for $22 M)

Cats plus KaffeIMG_1682_1

Yesterday I decided to indulge in a little personal sewing and stitched my puss cats together. Don’t they look cute? When I have quilted this it will hang in my bedroom.

Mystic Moggies twoIMG_1683_1

….perhaps I will call it Mystic Moggies. Thank you for you generosity Maureen. Your blocks are so well constructed they were a breeze to sew together.

First flower out on a new to us Lily, given to us by our friend Debbie.


This is the view I see from our kitchen bench. The Silk tree has just burst into bloom. Always so pretty.

Kitchen bench viewIMG_1697_1

It’s been very hot here. This is our girls idea of a cool spa:


BTW Bailey is doing very well after his tough start to life. So funny to watch the first few times he went out onto the grass. He wasn’t quite sure about that stuff.


Thanks for popping by



  1. Thank you for your kind words Linda. It's lovely to see the kitties with the bright KF fabric as the border. Bailey looks to be very much at home now, I should have included a Bailey coloured cat for you!
    Your view from the kitchen bench is a dream - I am cooling down just looking at the photo - it is so hot today in Auckland, bet you are having the same weather, or hotter, in Taupo.

  2. Those cats are so darn cute! You have a great friend to share these with you. I always love seeing your quilting. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a wonderful gift from a quilting pal. Your border fabric is perfect. I thought quilting fabric in my area was expensive. Yikes, at $22 a meter, I'd use EVERY sliver!

  4. Love your blocks. Cats are always a great topic.

  5. The cats are gorgeous, as is the KF fabric you chose for the border. Delicious. Silk trees are one of my favourites. We get to enjoy our neighbours one at the moment.


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