Sunday, January 18, 2015

More Pansies

About sixteen years ago I decided to teach my self to hand applique. I used the freezer paper and glue technique. I had a collection of Pansy fabrics so hearts on six and a half inch calico blocks it was.


I have to say they were very addictive. After I had made a stack of them I popped them in a dark place to mature. Last October I finally stitched them into a quilt with another favourite – Nine Patches.


Just before Christmas I finally quilted it. Cross hatching through the Nine Patches and Feathers around the hearts.

Hearts and PansiesRibbet collage

Hearts and Pansies side viewIMG_1701

A bit of ancient Debbie Mumm fabric and Peggy’s Magic binding a nice finishing touch.


Currently hanging at the end of our sunroom. A new favourite, and it’s mine!

Heart quilt end of sun roomIMG_1702

Do you see the way my quilt is hanging? My friend Clare and her husband Kerry manufacture these great quilt hanging devices. The binding at the top doesn’t show but golly this device is a dream. No sleeves required and it’s a breeze to change quilts.

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  1. No wonder it's your favorite - it's sooo beautiful!

  2. It's gorgeous!

    Say, that quilt hanger is intriguing - no sleeve. How does it work?

  3. Your heart quilt looks just right hanging framed by your windows!

  4. This is a beauty! I love that you let those blocks age so they wouldn't get used prematurely. Very smart.

  5. Karen is right! :) Linda, this is a stellar quilt. Now to sit down with a perfectly aged glass of wine, some perfectly aged cheese and some crackers. :) (Okay, I admit.. I'm a sharp cheese fan). The quilting on this is awesome. There are so many wonderful things about making, quilting, giving and using a quilt that just makes my heart sing! I know you ALL know what I mean. It's ... heart!
    With love, Christina

  6. Such a pretty quilt - made even more lovely with your excellent quilting skills.

  7. "popped them in a dark place to mature" - best saying ever! I think I may need to "borrow" that one! Lovely quilt!


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