Thursday, January 29, 2015

Double Pink

Cat sent me this quilt which I have called Double Pink. A eclectic mixture of new and vintage fabric. This is for her daughter Pheobe. Such a girlie quilt.

Coming off the frame.

Double pink coming off frameIMDG_1395_1

 The sweet picture fabrics are so right for this quilt.

I have been slowly building my range of thread colours. I thought it would be nice to add some Pink. I bought this Magnifico colour 2009 Elizabth.


Up until this quilt it has been too bright for anything I have stitched but it was just perfect for this one. All over clamshells suited this quilt perfectly too.

Double Pink close upIMG_1395_1

Looks like Pheobe is pretty happy with her quilt too. Pretty quilt for a pretty girl.

Miss P and her quilt_1

Thank you for asking me to quilt for you Cat. 



  1. What a great girlie quilt, love the quilting on this Linda - hope you're keeping cool!

  2. We love love love it thank you so much Linda xxx

  3. The pink thread worked wonderfully for this darling quilt!

  4. Looks great - love the clamshell quilting too.

  5. Beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting. Well done ladies. I'm sure Phoebe will enjoy her super quilt for ever.

  6. Super duper pink quilt Linda. Perfect quilting and thread looks awesome.

  7. beautiful! Love that thread too. We have rain, how about you??

  8. such a pretty quilt... and I'm loving the little pops of aqua too! Your quilted all over clam shells give it great texture! Linda


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