Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Wattie’s Tomato Sauce is good for something besides hamburgers…….

A few weeks ago I bought this old brass pitcher at a church jumble sale. It was very gungy, no shine at all.

Brass before cleaningIMG_1541_2

So this is where  Wattie’s tomato sauce came in.I gave the pitcher a good coating with the sauce. I keep a supply of brushes from the $2 shop for this kind of job.A good coating of sauce all over. Check that chicken in the right hand photo.

Brass painted with sauceRibbet collage

After 30 minutes I washed the sauce off with hot water and more brushing.

Brass pitcher washed downRibbet collage

Already looking loads better.A quick rub with some Autosol metal polish and look:

Pitcher polishedRibbet collage

Pretty nice, yes? The chickens look happier now:


See I knew New Zealand’s most popular sauce must be good for something – it sure isn’t nice to eat!



  1. OMG what an amazing difference. Have never heard about using Watties Tomato sauce. Is the pitcher actually silver?

  2. not heard of tomato sauce being used in this way before but what a transformation, wonder what it does to our insides? does not bare (bear, not sure which it should be) thinking about

  3. What a transformation! It's beautiful.

  4. Wow, never ever heard of using tomato sauce for this before!

  5. Talk about Kiwi ingenuity!! Just love it and will definitely try it.

  6. Good old tom sauce, eh? What a wonderful result! (I never have liked it myself, but it does make you wonder what's actually in the sauce!!) Linda p.s. how did you ever discover this would work?


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