Sunday, December 07, 2014

Sunday Sundries

Here we go, I haven’t done this for a while.

First up a sneak peek at a quilt I have been working on. It’s for a man, he said “no flowery stuff”. So my favourite for men’s quilts got another work out.



We’re in summer here now. Hard to believe, only ten days ago there was a huge dump of snow on the mountains at the other end of the lake. Mornings and evening are still cool. Not that I am complaining, I don’t care to be hot.We’ve had such a wet cool spring the some parts of the garden are still looking very fresh and spring like.

Entrance to vege gardenIMG_1524_1

Garden colour dec 2014Ribbet collage

Peggy was given this lily for her Birthday last year. I love the way those three are kind of lined up, like soldiers on parade. The centre of the lily is very dark. A dramatic flower.


We have a new boy in our lives. His name is Bailey. He’s a Lilac Mink Tonkinese. We rescued him from a not very nice situation. He’s two years old and has never been free to roam. He finds lots of things very scary but I’m sure he thinks his new home is pretty nice.

Bailey twoRibbet collage

He’s long and skinny but he’s eating lots so I guess he’ll fill out soon.

Bailey full lengthIMG_1429_1

We thought he didn’t know how to play hunt but he’s getting the hang of it.

Bailey hunts feathersIMG_1469_1

It’s a lot of fun having a young man about the house.

Catch you later in the week




  1. very nice man quilt, can see a certain cat making himself at home on it! Your garden is looking lovely enjoy the warm weather whilst we are so cold. Such a handsome rescue cat you have there. I would love a cat but it means having the burglar alarm altered to window connections rather than the sensors I have in the rooms at the moment. When Alfie comes to stay I cannot set it which I am meant to do for the house insurance.

  2. I love the man quilt, and the quilting is spot on! And I envy your summer, we are at the moment in the middle of the darkest time before we get some snow to lighten up the landscape :(

  3. Lovely man's quilt, the colours are just perfect, as is the beautiful quilting.
    A very handsome cat is Bailey....already looks settled in.
    Your garden is looking's warming up here.

  4. So lovely to see photos of your flowers and your new house mate.

  5. Bailey has a wonderful new home, lovely man's quilt, and great garden colour, the purple flowered shrub brightens it so well. Slow days down here, Hugh continues on crutches, medication galore , and as you know so well, life is different and difficult. I am so thankful for many things right now, and concentrate on them. Hugs,Jean.

  6. Your Bailey is adorable. Love that lily too - I have a mango coloured one just coming into flower, perhaps we could swap a bulb/tuber at the end of the season?

  7. It looks like Bailey is getting the right sort of attention and I'm sure he's lapping it up!... he's a gorgeous colour. I love that spirally sort of design - looks perfect for a man's quilt.


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