Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Seven shirts quilt

Peggy made this quilt top last year.The pattern is Seven Shirts+Seven Steps = One Thrifty Quilt. Peggy didn’t actually use seven shirts but she did have a pile of checks and plaids that needed to be used.
Whole seven shirts quiltIMG_1614_1
I quilted it with freehand Baptist Fans, thanks to Mary Quilts for putting up a super tutorial.
Corner of seven shirtsIMG_1615_1
They were the perfect solution for this quilt. Those orange gerberas are a great accent for this quilt.
Seven shirts at front doorIMG_1612_1
…..and just ‘cause I can one more peek:
Corner of seven shirtsIMG_1617_1
I haven’t used this pattern for a long time but I can see I’ll be using this technique again.
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  1. you 2 create the most wonderful quilts, i do avoid gingham etc as keeping lines straight I find difficult wonderful piecing an wonderful quilting

  2. Looks fabulous - this maybe the inspiration I need to finish my son's shirt quilt before his birthday in February.

  3. Lovely quilt making and fabulous quilting. I agree with two are a great combo.

  4. This is looking really effective! I've always loved the baptist fan quilting pattern, but you don't see it much these days. I believe it's not really a pattern for longarm quilting, & I did hand quilt a smallish quilt with it, but it certainly took a long time! Linda

  5. Lovely quilt and yes the Baptist Fans look great - thank you for the link; Im tossing up what to do on a quilt so will have a look and see if I can master this one!!!


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