Sunday, December 14, 2014

It has been my pleasure….

…….to quilt this quilt for Peggy. It’s a big as Texas with loads of wide open spaces to play in.


We took it to the Rose gardens to catch some images. It’s way too big for our favourite photo shoot places at home.

Peggy gave my full artistic licence to quilt as desired.  I stitched every feather I could dream up plus lots of McDazzle type background fill.

Raspberry and creamIMG_1582

Paspberry and cream two_1583

It was difficult to catch the white on white quilting.Do you see Peggy’s Magic binding? Perfect!


One more look with our beautiful Rose Garden in the background.


Thanks for popping by



  1. It's beautiful! Great work both of you. Lovely roses too!

  2. this really is a wonder of a quilt, love both the varying shapes in the blocks and the quilting. McDazzle quilting looks super and as you say the binding is first class, looks complicated with the very narrow strip on, full marks to you both for this

  3. What a beauty of a quilt! Superb quilting and a perfect setting in the Rose Gardens.

  4. Gorgeous! The Rose garden only adds to its beauty. Well done

  5. Great quilt and quilting,perfect spot for the photos.

  6. So lovely - congratulations to both of you!!!

  7. Wow! This is a stunner. Love your quilting so much!

  8. Awesome quilt and quilting. Love, love, love your feather combinations!


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