Monday, December 01, 2014

A small Christmas Project

Last week I showed Sweet Peas how to make these cute Christmas Table Napkins.
Christmas napkins twoIMG_1481_1
Aren’t they cute?
These are so easy to make. You start with two semi circles, sew all the way around – well except for an opening to turn them out. Then you need to press in a certain way to create the Christmas tree effect. You can find the pattern here:

Super one page print off with pattern shape included.
The pattern says you can make four out of  two half yard cuts of fabric. Being the careful, frugal with fabric person that I am I made six from two half meter cuts. So what good are four napkins anyway? I have made eight for us from two one meter cuts – with fabric to spare.Here’s how to lay them out – this is a very amateur diagram from word. Shapes not quite right but I’m sure you’ll get the concept. The top two cuts will be closer together.
Tip: Steam press your two pieces of fabric together before cutting. They will “cling” to each other and if you handle them with care you wont need to pin.
Super easy to make, I made 14 in total in a very quickly. Pretty for your own Christmas table or nice to gift.



  1. They look so effective - must hunt for some Christmas type fabrics in my bins and have a go!

  2. these are different, silly me at first\I thought they were decorations for the Christmas tree till I saw the pattern

  3. Too pretty to use! Appreciate the link. ^^

  4. Love these! Made them years ago for my MIL. And she still has them!

  5. I've seen these and wondered if the pattern was free. Thanks for the link and the layout tips.

  6. What an interesting take on the usual napkins. Perfect for a Christmas Lunch tablescape.

  7. Yes, these are lovely Linda. I found a free pattern for them when I was in the US three years ago. Using a metallic around the edge with a decorative stitch gives a nice finishing touch too. Love your fabric and the scroogey cutting directions...a quilter after my own heart lol.


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